DB2020 Presenters

Bex DWL DB 2020

EbiBex and DWL (DomWithLens)

EbiBex (she/her) is a queer, masochistic bottom who in the last six years has been able to fully immerse herself in the rope scene alongside her partner, DWL. She, along with DWL, has participated in and taught at various events such as FIRE, NARIX, Snowbound, and RopeCraft, as well workshops across the US and internationally. She considers herself very lucky to have worked with some of the best rope people around, and is constantly striving to grow as a rope bottom, submissive, and model. Bex primarily approaches rope as a type of intimate connection and partnership, as well as a form of artistic expression. She firmly believes rope bottoming should be accessible to everyone, and hopes sharing her experiences and knowledge will help others find their happy places in rope.

Though DWL (he/him) has been shooting various subjects casually and professionally for nearly a decade, he found a new world of creative opportunity when he discovered fetish photography. Upon entering the kink scene over six years ago, he found new artistic opportunities and challenges in kink photography. DWL is known for his journalistic style of documenting play, chasing moments of emotion, connection, joy, and pain. His rope style is centered around controlled suffering and connection through creativity, and his artistic aesthetic is evident in his ties. He and his camera have appeared at various conventions, events, and workshops, and he continues to grow as a photographer and educator. DWL is constantly trying new things and believes there is always more to learn. His favorite photo? “The one I haven’t taken yet.”

  • Doesn’t that hurt? – bottoming for challenging suspensions (bottoming/self-tying)
  • Bottoming in a box – understanding the takate kote as a bottom (bottoming/self-tying)
  • PAID: It’s All On Your Head – Face, Hair, Neck, and Mouth Rope Variations (beginner rigging or miscellaneous)

EM and Isean

Based in Memphis, Tennessee, EM and Isean have been teaching together for three years. EM has been actively teaching at large events in the USA for 8 years, and isean has been doing so for 4 years.

EM’s began in the “leather boots and whips” BDSM community in the USA, and his method of play still reflects this. Isean (pronounced E-shawn) is a fitness enthusiast and student of multiple disciplines of yoga. A skilled rigger and very experienced bottom, she began with an interest self-tying.

Isean’s style of tying involves a focus on pressure points and manipulation of the body through direct contact to control and to inflict pain. EM’s style involves a heavy fusion of his love for both whips and rope, and his interpretation of Japanese bondage stems from a desire to withdraw submission and highlight beauty through suffering and strain. Isean is more subtle and to her tying is art, trust, sensuality, pain, lust, and more.

As a team they combine to present a blend of these two mindsets, and focus on the experience for both the top and the bottom.

  • PAID: 3D Suspension Techniques (180 min) (intermediate/advanced rigging) 
  • PAID: Torture Predicaments With Bamboo (intermediate/advanced rigging)
  • VIP: AGURA TRANSITIONS (intermediate/advanced rigging)
Jake Wing DB 2020
Sleepless Siren DB 2020

Jake Wing and Sleepless Siren

Jake Wing has been a rope bondage aficionado for a very long time. He ran a bondage website in the early days of the internet. He’s been active in the Austin community and is currently one of the leaders of Austin Rope Slingers.

His teaching style is to simplify and demystify. He wants you to walk away from any class he teaches with new practical skills, or new clarity of thought about rope.

He’s done this often enough to be confident. He’s screwed up often enough to be careful. This is not his first rodeo.

  • Roleplaying rope disasters (180 min) (miscellaneous)
  • How to start and run a local rope group (miscellaneous)
  • Jake’s fairly fast armbinder for anyone with arms (beginner rigging)
JD66 DB 2020

JD-66 and HanabelleLector

JD-66 is a Toronto, Canada based rigger. Who started tying in 2008. His style has evolved over the years but is mostly a playful semi sadistic style of rope. He loves playing with balance and unbalance in rope and reading his partner and taking them to places they didn’t expect.

He owns and runs The Toronto Kinbaku Salon which just had its fifth anniversary in Oct 2018.

The Salon as it is commonly referred to is a Kazami Ryu where the Kazami style of rope is taught to its many students. We also host other presenters from around the world of various styles.

He loves helping and teaching others the Kazami Style but has some background in other styles so he is able to meld various styles to help people with developing and adding to their repertoires and creating their own individual style.

  • PAID: Kazami 3TK (180 min) (beginner rigging)
  • VIP: Kazami half mermaid suspension (intermediate/advanced rigging)
  • Kazami style hands free chest harness (beginner rigging)
knothead DB 2020


A huge fan of classic Western bondage knot_head lives, breathes, manufactures and ties the best nylon rope available.

knot_head is America’s furthermost nylon knut with an unparalleled apogee as a rigger from nylon bondage. He has studied and for centuries of decades the top exponents of western bondage, following pioneers like Jay Edwards, Lew Rubens, Claire Adams, Bryan Davis, Matt Williams, John WIllie and Robert Bishop.

For knot_head it is about what happens once the bottom is tied (spanking, tickling… SEX!) and he specializes in creating challenging predicaments for all levels. Simple ideas well executed can create great challenges and beauty.

If you want to tie people up and do things to them, then he is the teacher for you.

  • Photo Room: the presidential suite, see times listed on the schedule
  • Predicament workshop (180 min) (miscellaneous)
  • PAID: Water Predicaments (180 min, pool) (miscellaneous)
LaughingDragon and Feinix DB 2020

Laughing Dragon and Feinix

LaughingDragon & Feinix have been doing rope and dance together for over 7 years. With a combined BDSM experience of close to 30 years between them it was a natural step to get into teaching BDSM to others and have been doing so across North and Central America for the last 6 years. 

 Together they love to showcase their unique style of rope/dance fusion in their dynamic fast paced performances to audiences of all backgrounds. Rope conventions, art shows, cruises, fetish events, lifestyle takeovers, and festivals are a few of the events they’ve had the pleasure to perform at. They love the chance to show people a new side of rope bondage that they before maybe didn’t know was an option. 

 Well known for their water bondage classes, LaughingDragon and Feinix have had a lot of fun teaching others how to do safe(r), fun bondage play in and with water. They aim to make a comfortable inviting environment for anyone who takes their classes to learn and ask questions. 

  • Water Bondage 101 (180 min, pool) (miscellaneous) – this class will be taught twice!
Photo credit: Rodrigo Izquierdo 

LOOM and OliviaLyon

LOOM and Olivia Lyon are rope enthusiasts, artists and educators located in the PNW (Vancouver, BC and Bellingham, WA). 

As of 2015, Liv and Loom started to travel internationally both as presenters and as performers; contributing to such events as Bondage Expo Dallas, DesertBound, NARIX in Los Angeles and Philadelphia, La Nuit des Cordes in Montréal, Morpheus Bondage Extravaganza in San Francisco, BeachBind in Jamaica, and various other burner/fetish events.

When LOOM and Olivia Lyon are not teaching in the classroom, tying in the studio, or performing on stage, they give back to their rope communities by teaching with others in bi-monthly rope labs and rope shares throughout the left coast. 

  • PAID: One Rope: A Beginners Mini-Intensive (180 mins)
  • Takenoko (beginner rigging or miscellaneous)
  • Pirouette – The Knee Stand Pose (intermediate/advanced rigging)
  • VIP: Piece by Piece: Working with Bamboo on the Body (intermediate/advanced rigging) 
LubegirlDB 2020


Lubegirl (she/her) is a Rope Switch out of the NYC area. Bubbly, personable, and passionate about kink education on both sides of the slash, her goal is to break the stereotypes and myths of Rope (particularly synthetic), one class at a time.

Playing on both sides of the rope since Summer 2015, Lubegirl is currently the leader of the NYC chapter of Hitchin’ Bitches and a facilitator of the NY Rope Collective. She uses her platform to encourage other female identifying kinksters to learn the basics of rope while facilitating a safe space for bottoms of all orientations, sizes, and identity.

  • Beating suspension stereotypes: suspension for larger individuals (beginner rigging)
  • Beginner self-suspension (180 min) (bottoming/self-tying)
  • Am I into self-sadism? (bottoming/self-tying)
MissAcacia DB 2020


Miss_Acacia has been creating art in rope bondage and suspension since 2014. Her goal is to create a tie that works for her bottom’s body while still showcasing the beauty of rope. She continues to focus on the fundamentals no matter how far her rope journey takes her, because she wants to understand the how and the why behind the structure of each tie. She is frequently brainstorming with fellow rope enthusiasts to improve harnesses and make the most sustainable ties for her bottoms. In teaching, she focuses on making sure that bottoms and tops both grasp what the rope should look and feel like. She teaches for understanding of how each part and pattern works instead of memorizing patterns so that her students are better equipped to continue their education.

  • Evaluating harnesses and hangers – a beginner suspension course for the intermediate rope top (beginner rigging)
  • Non-TK suspension sequence (intermediate/advanced rigging)
  • Fundamentals – frictions and knots (beginner rigging)

MarcelineVQ and Miel

Marceline VQ (She/Her) is a rope switch and all-around aesthetic hoe. She engages rope from all perspectives—as a model, rigger, and self-suspender—allowing for a deeper understanding of the medium as a creative and connective tool. She adores the sensory experience of being in rope, as well as engaging with the aesthetics of suspension by becoming “human sculpture.” With a background in both fine arts and science, she uses her interdisciplinary knowledge to create rope work that’s technical, creative, beautiful, and fun. She has been fortunate enough to teach and learn from communities across the globe, but she is based in Brooklyn. 

  • Tie like a jerk (beginner rigging or miscellaneous)
  • Constructing a successful rope harness  (intermediate/advanced rigging)
  • Improv(e) your rope (180 min) (intermediate/advanced rigging)
Mynx and Dark Echo DB 2020

Mynx and DarkEcho

Mynx is an enthusiastic rope top, experienced rigger and suspension artist with a passion for giving rope and sharing her knowledge with the community. Her strongest influences and inspiration to her rope come from, Akira Naka and Wykd_Dave. Mynx is dedicated to continuing her personal journey tying, teaching, learning and performing with rope. Mynx has presented classes and intensive workshops across the country where she focuses on building connections between partners and developing precision in each tie. A passionate believer in muscle memory, Mynx’s students learn by tying along with her. As a Nurse Anesthetist, her extensive medical background gives her a unique perspective on bondage safety and nerve injury. Mynx is also a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT 500).

  • Advanced Fundamentals of Suspension (intermediate/advanced rigging)
  • PAID: Transitional Partial Suspensions 3.0 (intermediate/advanced rigging)
  • VIP: Advanced Fundamentals (beginner AND intermediate/advanced rigging)
Ode2Joy and BDLSR DB 2020

Ode2Joy and BDSLR

Ode2Joy and BDSLR have “grown up together,” as it were, in the kink community. Local to the Baltimore, MD community, they have been tying, shooting, D/s-ing, and poly-ing together for the past four years, and presenting together for the past two.  Known for their engaging dynamic and amusing classroom banter, they’re fun and entertaining while still dedicated to informing their classes about their philosophies, safety practices, and… you know, how to do it without dying.  They highly value presenting classes that feature both top and bottom-led perspectives, and work together to develop structured, interactive classes that include those perspectives, humor, and solid education.

  • Twist and Shout: Torsions and Torture (intermediate/advanced rigging)
  • PAID: Choking Ties: Breathing Is Optional (intermediate/advanced rigging)
  • Rope is Scary, Let’s Do Rope!: Ethical Negotiating from a Place of Privilege (miscellaneous)
  • How to Set Limits and (Not Let) People Influence Your Boundaries (bottoming/self-tying)
LithiumRayne DB 2020

OkieNawa and LithiumRayne

OkieNawa has been involved in the BDSM and Leather communities for over 20 years. He has been a leather titleholder, leather contest producer, served in various other capacities and currently sits on the Board of AHS (Adult Human Sexuality) Kansas City. David is a published columnist, writing for the leathepage, leatherweb and the Leather Journal. Okie’s passion is Japanese rope bondage. He’s studied in Tokyo, Japan and has helped to establish three rope groups: Kinbaku OKC (2003), Kinbaku KCMO (2008) and Rope Bite KCMO (2018)

  • Objectification and rope (beginner rigging)
  • There is no spoon, Neo, and there is no first rope (beginner rigging)
  • The worst hip harnesses everyone needs to know (intermediate/advanced rigging)
Photo credit: Rodrigo Izquierdo 

Panda and Paisley

Panda (she/they/he or Rope Daddy) and Paisley (she) are a teaching duo that began their partnership in Seattle, WA in 2017. They are both deeply passionate about sharing education from the perspectives of those being tied and those tying. Their education philosophy is strongly rooted in teamwork, student-centered learning, and co-teaching models.  Panda and Paisley have experience teaching local classes in Seattle, WA along with conferences and classes across the United States. Their mutual love of connection and energy exchange is what drives their partnership and education material. 

  • Losing sight, making your vision clear – blindfolded tying (miscellaneous)
  • PAID: Semenawa – suffering in rope (180 min) (intermediate/advanced rigging)
  • Tune in and turn on (bottoming/self-tying)
RodeoKitten DB 2020

Rodeo Kitten (RK) and The Patient One (TPO)

Rodeo Kitten has been part of the kink community for 5 years with a dedication to rope and impact play. RK has taken courses from both local and international riggers and bottoms. RK and their Master, TPO, perform at several local events throughout the year, including Twisted Windows. With a focus on connection and energy flow in his ties, TPO utilizes these skills to push his partner and facilitate a beautiful experience for all those involved. 

Together with his slave, they mix their passion for bondage and impact together to create sexually charged scenes that will dampen any pair of panties in the room. RK’s goal as an instructor is to provide more classes committed to building bottoms skills and voices. They offer personalized private instruction for tops bottoms and couples, work as a go go dancer, kink and artistic nude model,  as well as adult entertainment features. The extent of their modeling experience spans 7 years and ranges from glamour, fashion, weapons and even automotive to erotic, fetish and XXX. 

  • Mind, body, spirit series – Hit me harder! (bottoming/self-tying)
  • Modeling for every body: every body is beautiful! (bottoming/self-tying)
  • Fluid dynamics: time in all the roles (miscellaneous)
ShaktiBliss DB 2020

Shakti Bliss Bunny

Shakti Bliss Bunny (or B) is an educational facilitator, bodyworker, activist and indigenous witch from Austin, Texas. As a rope bottom she enjoys pushing herself mentally and physically while also balancing self care, self awareness and self study to further her journey and ride the fluidity of her philosophies of life. Through her education, activism and spiritual work she hopes to increase visibility and representation for people of color in kink as well as to add a fresh perspective to the ritual of rope, interpersonal connection and the handling of the physical and energetic bodies. 

  • Morning Yoga (miscellaneous)
  • Bhakti Bondage: noticing (180 min) (miscellaneous)
Nat and Conroy DB 2020

ShesANatural and Conroy

ShesANatural is a queer, poly, bottom that ties and has been in the community for over 6 years. Nat’s primary passions are rope and power exchange relationships. As an owner of a rope space, she focuses on rope education, bottoming education and body positivity. Nat brings hands-on classes that focus on building blocks for all bodies, genders and configurations. Her experiences as a bottom influence her tying style. She also brings her experiences as a mother and a business owner to influence her leadership and teaching style.

  • You dip, I dip, we dip: protocols and rituals (miscellaneous)
  • Hot legs: futomomo variants to fit any body (beginner rigging)
  • Caught in the balance: agura variants to fit any body (beginner rigging)
StrangerFriend DB 2020


Stranger is a switch with a passion for inspiring pain, pleasure, smiles, tears, fears, tenderness, and raw human connection. Stranger has a special love for rope bondage, and enjoys tying and being tied with intention and excessive eye-contact, geeking out about technique and learning through teaching, and exploring discipline through self-tying and dynamic self-suspensions. When not at kink events, Stranger can be found working on their Master’s thesis, introverting in their blankets and playing video games, having Indian food mouth-orgasms, or deeply weeping over every single one of J.S. Bach’s violin sonatas.

  • Explorations in self-tying (bottoming/self-tying)
  • “Hammock” self-suspensions (bottoming/self-tying)
  • Rope + dildo = dildosaurus sex (miscellaneous)
Chuck DB 2020

Sving and Chuck (kaijafaerie)

Sving began entangling people, rope, and circus 5 years ago. She has studied rope bondage and circus disciplines with incredible artists from around the world. Her growth and development stem from a wealth of information gained from passionate and talented individuals that she desires to pass on to her peers. Sving draws from her experience on both sides of the rope, as well as her knowledge of body mechanics from a career in acrobatics and other apparatus.

Chuck began its personal journey with physical and mental edge-pushing as a child gymnast, yogi, and physical theater performer. Chuck has always been enticed by the spiritual/emotional aspects of pain and is deeply fed by experiences that test its will power. Chuck is passionate about bringing the dedication of its gymnastic training, the mindfulness/longevity of its yoga practice, and the embodied presence of its theater training to the BDSM network at large in which it has found a home like no other.

  • So we heard you love toe torture (miscellaneous)
  • Joint locking and loading (intermediate/advanced rigging)